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Welcome to Christian Endeavour English Union

This is the website of the Christian Endeavour English Union - the organisation which promotes the Christian Endeavour movement in England.

The aim of CE is to bring young people to Christ, encouraging them to take part in the activities of the Church and preparing them to step up into the positions which a church needs to fill to carry on its work and witness for the Lord.

The motto of Christian Endeavour, ‘For Christ and the Church', identifies CE as Christ-centred and Church-based. It is a non-denominational and world-wide movement.

What we do

Christian Endeavour in England seeks to help young people and other young Christians to learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith through personal study and regular interaction with others.

English Christian Endeavour does this through many ways. It encourages daily Bible reading and prayer. It offers participation in regular weekly sessions within the local church, involving Bible study as a key component. It is a hands-on approach, led by the young people themselves, which builds up confidence and develops skills to equip them for service within the church as well as in the wider world. The experience of Christian Endeavour is that those trained and equipped in this way today become the workers and leaders in tomorrow's church.

You too can be part of What we do - contact us to find your nearest link.

Who we are

Christian Endeavour in England is a Christ-centred, Church-based organisation, which caters for all age groups within the church from juniors through young adults to seniors, but its main emphasis is on youth.

The movement was begun in 1881 by a young Congregational minister in the USA. Dr Francis Clark wanted an organisation which would help young people who had just given their lives to Christ to grow in their faith and to be trained for His service.

Once started, the movement grew rapidly and the work continues today through a network of local, regional and national groups throughout the world.

What we have

As our website develops, there will be online links to Biblical and other resources. For resources available in print, please contact us or go to the website of the Christian Endeavour Union of Great Britain and Ireland

You can become more involved in English Christian Endeavour through our network of local and regional groups.

All enquiries

In England, Christian Endeavour operates in local areas spread across the country. There are people with experience of the value of Christian Endeavour in churches who are ready to help you whatever your enquiry may be.

To find out who best to contact, please visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you for your interest in English Christian Endeavour.


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Have a Good Holiday
Most of us expect to be able to have a holiday but it was not always so.

You often hear the phrase ‘Have a good holiday!’ being said at this time of year. When I hear it, it raises in my mind the intriguing question ‘Did Jesus ever take a holiday?’

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Prayer Points

Pray for the Board of Trustees of World CE which meets in Romania next month. Please pray for God’s guidance in all discussions and decisions regarding the matters connected with the new General Secretary. Thank God for Dave Coryell, who will lead WCEU for the next few years. Pray also for the financial provision for World CE to continue the work of bringing young people to Christ.
Pray for your Executive Committee as they meet on Wednesday 14th September in Penketh. There is a full agenda and many issues are necessarily of an administrative nature. Pray that these items will be dealt with speedily in order that time can be spent on the future of CE and the support that can be provided for the societies. Members travel from a wide area so please pray for safety on these journeys.